Chatbots for WhatsApp

Support and engage your customers via WhatsApp, the largest messaging platform in the world

Why a WhatsApp bot?

WhatsApp is the biggest messaging platform in the world, boosting a staggering 1.5 billion Monthly Active Users.

Building a chatbot for WhatsApp gives you a powerful touchpoint to engage and support your customer in a familiar channel.

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What can a WhatsApp bot do?

A WhatsApp bot can converse with your customers via text, images and videos. 

People can start a conversation with your bot simply by messaging your business phone number. WhatsApp bots can also proactively reach out to people for notifications or updates.

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When to choose WhatsApp for your bot 

  If you already engage with your customers on WhatsApp 

✔  If your customers are mostly in Europe or emerging markets where WhatsApp penetration is much higher than other messaging apps

  If you don’t need deep branding customisations

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