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Apps for Google Assistant

Establish personal customer conversations with a voice application for Google Assistant and Google Home

Why an app for Google Assistant?

There are now hundreds of millions of devices and smart speakers powered by Google Assistant. And 20% of mobile Google queries are now voice searches.

AVoice is coming.

Apps for Google Assistant (also called Google Assistant Actions) are essentially voice enabled apps that can run on Google Assistant compatible devices. Brands can use them to provide a powerful customer touchpoint, creating highly personalised experiences.

Google Home

What can a Google Assistant app do?

Our customers use Google Home apps to:

  • Provide responses for Frequently Asked Questions
  • Check order status and account balance
  • Story telling with multiple outcomes
  • But Google Home apps can do so much more! Just ask our team of experts to help you with an ideation workshop.

Google Home phrases

When to choose a Google Assistant app

  • If your customers can benefit from using your service when they’re at home or in the car
  • If you want to stay ahead of the curve and be early in the voice revolution
Google Assistant

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