Customer Service Chatbots

Support your customers 24/7 with an always-on friendly chatbot.

Why a chatbot for Customer Service?

out of 10 consumers choose messaging over voice to get support after they buy something.

Chatbots can provide support to the most common problems 24/7 with no waiting time, 365 days a year, and in any language. This keeps your reps free to focus on the most complicated cases.

With a well-designed customer service chatbot you can truly boost your customer delight, while keeping your cost under control.

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What can a Customer Service chatbot do?

Our customers use customer service chatbots to:

✔  Automate responses for Frequently Asked Questions

✔  Check on order statuses and account balances

✔  Handle billing and payment-related questions

✔  Gather feedback from customers

But a well-designed chatbot can do so much more!

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Easily scale your support

Chatbots can easily scale across multiple channels, products, or markets.

No need to hire and train hundreds of reps, a chatbot makes the process so much simpler.

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Gather valuable data on your customer questions and issues

Chatbots provide your business with a great source of data around your customer questions and issues.

Our platform can surface the most common problems, helping your business to improve over time.

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