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Chatbots for Web

Put your marketing and support on auto-pilot. Capture leads and support your customer directly from your website with a web based chatbot.

Why a chatbot on Web?

Chatbots can help your customers navigating your website by providing a natural interface to ask questions or find what they’re looking for.

With a web based chatbot, you can automate how you sell, market and support to accelerate growth.

What can a Web chatbot do?

A web chatbot can converse with your customers using open text or buttons, show images and videos, link out to FAQs or other content on your website. The possibilities are pretty much endless!

Chatbots also work wonder as replacement for contact forms. Their engaging interface boost your conversion rate.

Full brand customisation

Our web widget can be completely customised to suit your brand guidelines, so that it looks an integral part of your website.

When to choose a Web based bot

  • If you mostly engage with your customers on your website
  • If you need deep branding customisation
  • If you want to put your lead generation and sales on auto-pilot

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